Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inner Conflicts ..... This Is How I Feel..Can you feel me??

The obstacles and situations in life make us who we are. So REALLY who am I?

I came into to this world named Valian. My demeanor named me V.Breezy. People say my ego created V.Breezy, but its really not like that. Valian and V.Breezy and just two different personalities my situations in life created for me to handle my emotions.

Valian would speak to you before you spoke to him.
V.Breezy would walk past not caring if you planned on speaking or not.
Valian would ask you if you needed help.
V.Breezy would wait for you to ask him for help first.
Valian would let you in to his heart.
V.Breezy would say he did but in the back of his mind protect his heart.
Valian would tell you whats on his mind.
V.Breezy would keep his thoughts to his self.
Valian would want to make you proud.
V.Breezy would want to impress you.
Valian would GO HARD for his own sucess.
V.Breezy would WILD OUT for attention.
Valian ..hmmm.. he's a good kid. him.
Valian ...hey everyone LOVEs Valian !
V.Breezy is there anything I don't have ??
Valian wanted to give love a try.
V.Breezy said what are you DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valian just wanted to know what its like.
V.Breezy is SO non-chalant..he could care less.
Valian gave love a try.
V.Breezy came with that fire and maybe sparked LOVE.
Valian got hurt. V.Breezy said never again.
Valian wouldn't want to experience HATE.
But V.Breezy did !!
Valian let time mend his heart.
V.Breezy is now saying not AGAIN !
Valian loves....
V.Breezy doesn't care.
Valian loves....
V.Breezy says whatever...
Valian loves....
V.Breezy accepts it but..he won't let you in.
Valian loves....
V.Breezy can't help it.
Valian loves....
V.Breezy loves....???!!
Who am I ??

This is ME. Valian Brown or V.Breezy. V.Breezy is not an arrogant, selfish, ego filled person. He is the same person as Valian and all of us have been hurt and go through things so who is to judge another person. We cope with our problems in different ways. This is Me.